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Paris and... Travis Barker??

Paris Hilton is letting the crabs out yet again. After reports of her newfound celibacy were everywhere from here to freaking Namibia, photos of Paris and Travis Barker canoodling numerous different times were released. Travis was just in the news for his insanely bitter breakup with Dancing With The Stars' Shanna Moakler and is now finding himself with yet another nasty slut on his arm. There's not much info coming out on this story but the pictures do speak for themselves.

There was also news that Paris was hitting on Lindsay Lohan's main man, Harry Morton at Hyde in LA. She's such a predictable little skank. Seriously, how low can she go? First, she gets her disgusting cronies to walk around calling Lindsay a "firecrotch", and now she's trying to steal LL's man?! Paris needs to be banished from the planet. Or they should release a product that repels her so that she can never get her nasty stench anywhere near you. Haha, instead of antiperspirant, it could be "antiParisant". Ok, maybe that was funnier in my head, but still, ho is nasty, people.

Here are some old pictures of Paris crying after being denied access to NYC's Bungalow 8 on the night of the VMA's. Dumb bitch even has greasy dirtbag, Brandon Davis throwing a tantrum to try to gain access. Too bad the NYPD got on his ass. They just all reek...EW!